– Shaping the Future

Megatrends are shaping our customers’ worlds: digitalization, globalization, demographics, healthcare and climate change. These are tremendous challenges and ZEISS believes it has a responsibility to develop the best technology that will take us into the future. We can thus help our customers achieve tomorrow’s ambitions today.

New Technologies, Digitalization and Networking

New Technologies, Digitalization and Networking

A world where cars drive themselves, robot surgeons save lives and self-organizing factories are the norm. A world where hardware and software developments and real-time data transfer make it possible to completely rethink the future.

ZEISS is propelling this development: our semiconductor manufacturing technology is the cornerstone of integrated chips that enable objects and systems to communicate with each other. We already rely on product and software solutions such as networked measuring machines, microscopes and medical diagnostic devices to improve the lives of our customers and partners and make the digital transformation something that can be experienced.

With its expertise in optics and photonics, ZEISS can play a valuable role in the development of new solutions.

With correlative microscopy, ZEISS has succeeded in forging a link between electron and light microscopy. The perfectly matched collection of images at the micro and nano levels provide researchers and scientists with an entirely new tool that enables them to better study living processes and diseases.

Demographic Development and Healthcare

People in industrialized nations are living longer and populations in emerging and developing economies are growing – this puts tremendous pressure on healthcare.

The megatrends in society therefore include increasing spending in healthcare around the world, urbanization and growing security needs. These are all subjects that ZEISS is currently monitoring in research and development to enable the company to offer appropriate solutions in the future.

Technological progress is enabling increasingly precise diagnoses and ever more effective treatments. However, broad access to first-rate treatment is still one of the greatest challenges we face. ZEISS has resolved to take on both challenges: time and again, our high-end medical technology products have revolutionized diagnosis and treatment possibilities.

Demographic Development and Healthcare


Digitalization and networking are speeding up globalization tremendously. Powerful new companies are being formed and turning entire industries on their head. Only those that have a strong structure and are able to adapt will remain competitive.

ZEISS has sites in over 40 countries and 50 sales and service locations, with more than 30 production facilities and around 25 centers for research and development.


Without sustainability, the future of the next generations is at risk. Effective measures include the efficient use of resources, the transition to renewable energy sources and new, economical processes and systems.

With its know-how, ZEISS is developing intelligent measuring systems that are deployed in quality inspection in the energy, automotive and aerospace industries. State-of-the-art coordinate measuring technology is used to inspect the fit accuracy of drive train components in cars to ensure low wear,  low fuel consumption and fewer CO2 emissions.

Businessman holding renewable energy sketch